Grafton Jacaranda Festival Street Market Day 3rd November 2022

Last week Woolgoolga hosted a great weekend of weather and events, the Summer World Cup of Surfing.



This week it's Grafton's turn and after a slightly overcast sky they kicked off their street market day on the closed streets of Grafton which I think was an outstanding success. Not from the point of view that stall vendors can make money, but a more important element is the feeling of a community spirit from all walks of life, backgrounds, ages, etc. coming together to celebrate a "purple flower tree", the Jacaranda Festival.



There is so much to write about but only CONGRATULATIONS Grafton. The event you are hosting is a true representation of you as an individual talent, skills etc, but brilliantly displays an amazing level of community spirit. It was a privilege for me to be part of yesterday.



For that I say: Thank you! If you've never thought of coming to Grafton to see parts of this event, do yourself a favour and make time to visit Grafton over the next few days to experience this community event. More photos at



Grafton Jacaranda Festival Street Market Day 3rd November 2022
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