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Journals for Journaling


Looking to start journaling? For the budget conscious try with just a small leather bound journal from only $12.99. Then maybe when you're ready or for those that want a luxurious touch and feel of that ultra soft full grain leather journal then try the $59.99 or $79.99 journals, stunning in look and feel.


Follow these tips: Try writing daily by setting aside a few minutes and keeping pen and paper nearby. Let your thoughts and ideas flow freely without worrying about structure or outside opinions. No one will judge you on spelling or punctuation, because the way you write is the way, YOU as an individual think.  Journaling can bring order to a chaotic world and help you understand your deepest fears, thoughts, and feelings. Make journaling your time to relax and unwind, in a peaceful place with a warm cup of tea.


Embrace your journaling time and know it's beneficial for your mind and body.